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East Coast Swing

Sometimes referred to as Jitterbug or simply Swing, this is the easiest of the swing dances to learn. Swing has been around since the 1920’s, and has evolved with each decade’s popular music.  With roots in jazz, it is also great for big band, rock n’ roll, and blues music. It is fun and energetic, and it is one of the most commonly known dances in America.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a contemporary and very different style of Swing. This sleek, smooth, sexy, funky and challenging dance is versatile enough for many genres of music. It is characterized by relaxed and smooth body movements, playful improvisation, and a unique back-and-forth, ‘elastic’ action that creates West Coast’s distinctive look.

Lindy Hop

Fun, high-energy, and a little bit crazy, the Lindy Hop is one of the original versions of Swing that is still popular today. Primarily danced to Big Band, Retro Jump, Rock-a-Billy, and Jazz music, it’s often mixed with East Coast Swing steps for a hybrid dance.

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